#FitnessJourney: Adding a Goal to your Main Objective

Hello everyone,

Let me tell ya, this week went very well! I am impressed with myself. I went to the gym for 3 consecutive days and I also went for a 4th one this weekend. I increased my running speed and I felt great all week. I think I found my balance between cardio and weight training and it seems to be working.

Last month or so, I decided to start taking pictures of myself to track my progress. I want to do it every month, but I cheated this week and wow! I started to see changes within 2 weeks of my last one. I don’t want to share it yet because I feel that there will be more apparent changes if I wait a full month. Increasing the cardio did really make a difference. If you’re on a fitness journey like I am, I strongly suggest taking progress photos. You don’t have to share with anyone, but I feel it helps. When you look at yourself every day in the mirror, you don’t really see the changes happening, but on photographs you do.

To make sure I stick to it, I decided to commit to a race in June. I am officially registered! I will be doing a 5 km run at the Bread & Honey Race. I did that race last year with no training and this year I will do it again with the hope to finish in a better time and feeling great at the end! 🙂

This week I am planning to stick to the 3 mins running and 2 mins walk and increase the speed a bit. I may decide to reduce my walk time to 1 min, but I will see how I feel.

Happy training!

Photo by Bruno Nascimento on Unsplash


    1. Thank you.
      I’m doing treadmill work right now to get into it. Nothing comparable to running outside, but the intervals makes it a bit less boring. Every day is a new chance to start. You can do this! 🙂


    1. I think the trick is to keep changing the workout before you hit a plateau. Either my doing different types of exercises or by increasing the difficulty. Looks like changing up my intervals helps. Let’s see if it continues. 🙂

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